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Introductions – 2017

Innovative Economic Symposium 2017

Strategic Partnerships in International Trade

The conference will be held under the auspices of President of the Czech Republic Miloš Zeman


“The business enterprise has two–and only two–basic functions: marketing and innovation. Marketing and innovation produce results; all the rest are costs.”  Peter F. Drucker


The conference brings together scientists in economics, international relations, finance and marketing both from China and Europe. The conference aims to exchange knowledge and discuss issues related to market mechanisms, international business and strategic decisions.

Thematic Areas

Primary Issues
  • Competitive strategies in international trade
  • Entrepreneurship, international trade and economic growth
  • Quantitative and qualitative methods in management decision making with a focus on international trade
  • Economic, social and environmental dimensions of strategic management in international business
  • Intellectual capital, knowledge and innovation in the development of international trade
  • Decision-making methods and optimization econometric modeling in corporate strategy
  • Consumer behavior, international marketing, marketing modeling
Alternative Issues
  • Risk management and portfolio optimization
  • Financial sustainability of SMEs
  • Sustainability in logistics / environmental management in the supply chain
  • Monetary policy / currency area theory
  • Foreign direct investment
  • Renewable energy / environmental legislation
  • Social – medial marketing
Number of participants and papers Approximately 50 participants mainly from Central Europe (Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland, Russia,  etc.). The rest of participant from around the world. Approximately 40 scientific papers. Full Paper length shall not exceed 10 pages. Expected Proceeding range is 430 pages (preface, content, 40 papers with 10 pages). A maximum of two articles per author and per volume is accepted

About organizer

The Institute of Technology and Business in České Budějovice The primary focus of VŠTE activities is the implementation of full-time and part-time studies for professional bachelor’s and master’s degree programmes. The professional study programmes are supported by cooperation with regional entrepreneurs. VŠTE´s other priorities include applied research, the implementation of innovative technologies and knowledge transfer into areas that are current and crucial with regards to the regions needs. More information about VŠTE at

Contact person: Pavel Rousek, MSc. Ph.D., ITB in České Budějovice