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Innovative Economic Symposium 2020

Innovative Economic Symposium 2020

Stable Development in Unstable World


The IES 2020 conference brings together scientists and practitioners in economy, international relations, finance and marketing from Asia and Europe. Collect innovative ideas and advance knowledge of globalization and deglobalization trends in the current situation of the world economy.

Thematic Areas

Section 1. Stable Development in Unstable World

  • Where is the world moving to and where is the economy in it?
  • Institutionalization of innovations
  • Network architecture of economic relations
  • Competences for the future
  • Smart change management
  • Financial management of the company, investment decision making

Section 2.  Globalization and Fragmentation Forces of the Current World Economy

  • Monetary and fiscal policy development as a factor of economic modernization
  • Role of international trade in the economy globalization
  • Impact of globalization and economic fragmentation on the enterprise’s internal environment
  • Financial conditions for entrepreneurship under the economic modernization
  • Impact of scientific and technological progress on globalization and fragmentation of the economy.

Indexed in

Conference Proceedings 2017-2018 have been included into Conference Proceedings Citation Index (CPCI) which is integrated index within Web of Science, Clarivate Analytics. 2019 Conference Proceedings have been sent for evaluation to Web of Science, Clarivate Analytics and we are waiting for results, also the 2020 Proceedings will be sent for evaluation to these database.